चंचल मन, अति रैंडम!
Goals (for mostly 2023 Until August 19)
In Progress
  • Find a new job. ‎️‍🔥 
  • Study CAT 2023, Perform your best.
  • Bhai’s wedding.
  • Re-vamped my portfolio.
  • Attended Aayushi’s wedding.
  • Took Vacation
Design Related
  • ✅ Start with UI designs
    • Listen to music more. Deep Work
    • 30 min Daily at least, either listen/read Medium or watch something informative on Youtube or Spotify.
    • Be in content with stuff you do.
    • Start Running 5k steps daily.
    • Dating the lovely human Rishi, so far so good for past 9-10 months
    • Keep in touch with friends but keep on making new ones.
       @clearlysid's and @anuragkrishh’s websites and discovering the /now page which basically live updates from our life and keep on updating it regularly.
      This is my /now page. You should make one too!