Problem Statement

Customers purchase flowers mostly on holidays and special occasions and are more likely to purchase flowers online compared to other generations. Millennials’ attitudes and imagery of flowers as gifts are primarily positive, but they are still concerned with the price and longevity of floral products. An important means of cultivating millennial consumers’ purchase likelihood is improving their experiences with floral products. Specifically, improving floral products’ relevance, engagement and customisation/personalisation for millennial consumers.
To start with I decided to deep dive into the problem statement to allow me to understand the tactic behind it.
Discovering the Opportunity
E-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry that is consistently developing as our innovation propels, thus the user.
Consumers are more ready to buy things that they in any case may be cynical to buy online. Although this is becoming helpful, the relationship with the retail store is lost, leaving the customer to adapt to a minimalistic way of buying things that they are new to. I have taken this as an opportunity to design an e-commerce platform for the florist to get the well-disposed store shopping experience into the advanced digital world for the user.
What’s the problem?
Through deep analysis, I was able to identify the following problems: Users do not have time to go to the store to ask for flowers. People who usually ask for flowers by phone have always suffered from delays.
Sometimes some of the users have reported that to make a delivery they have to ask well in advance and sometimes they do not receive their requests.
Project Goals
  • Create a customised shopping experience for the users interested in buying floral bouquets online.
  • Educate users on basic information for each flower and bouquet type.
  • Make it convenient for the user to design the floral bouquet on the app.
  • To enable the user to schedule timely deliveries for customer satisfaction.
Chapter 1. Identify
How might we
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This helped me open up a brainstorming phase.  I focused on a few different ideas of filtering results, allowing users to navigate the pre-arranged options their way as defined in POV and HMW. I made a list of all possible features for each. From a filtered view to a detailed view, users can browse and find a selection based on their parameters.

User Persona

The people who are interested in this kind of application are flower lovers, people who offer flowers on special occasions and parties, we aim with this project to satisfy this category. To understand the need of the user. Designing based on the various insights and constraints drawn through the kind of demographic group it has to target.
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"Ordering flowers must feel like ordering a pizza but it's more than food and thought delivered instantly, locally, every day."
It is generally easy to order food from your local restaurant or quickly get an Uber that is a few minutes away from you. But to order a flower bouquet to be delivered as soon as possible, to make someone's day, doesn't seem to be a widely available option nowadays.
User Journey Map
To illustrate the user’s behaviour to identify how to improve our application, I used User journey maps.
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Chapter 2. Ideation
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  • Scheduled Delivery
    • One of the basic features that will benefit you and your potential customers is the delivery schedule. Same-day delivery and other various time delivery will make you stand out in the competitive market.
  • Offers & Deals
    • A fabulous feature you can add to your app is the offer & deals. To affect customer satisfaction levels and expand the current customer base, provide discounts and deals daily.
  • Real-time Tracking
    • Real-time tracking is one of the app features customers love when ordering any package. So, in addition to delivery tracking, make sure to allow the users to see each delivery stage.
  • Multi Payment Modes
    • Paying with cash on delivery is an outdated payment method that is unsafe for customers and florist business owners. Instead, implement credit/debit card payment, net banking, and e-wallets such as Apple Pay as payment options.
  • Customized Note
    • One of the must-have features is a customized note when offering flower delivery services. The customer can write a customized note while placing an order to be printed with the bouquet.
  • Social Media Integration
    • Social media integration is standard in apps these days. It makes the customer experience comfortable and provides dedicated flower delivery app-free ads.
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Chapter 3. Explore
The final Screens, that users visually see and explore and interact with. User experience (UX) of the user flow and interaction with the experience users have with a company's products and services.
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Chapter 4- Learnings
  • Follow a diligent design process from research to iteration. Process-driven design is key to success.
  • Prioritize your design tasks. There will always be a long list of things to do. Ask yourself and stakeholders what is most critical, especially for an MVP.
  • Innovation comes from deep understanding and critical thinking; become obsessed with the user problem first and innovative solutions will follow.
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