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Politics? and being Apolitical.
The topic, Politics and things around it have got a pretty bad rep, currently either it is on-swing or off-swing. People have started living on the extremities. But of course, It’s more than that topic, which you avoid at family gatherings, at times because someone or the other might get hurt, listening to know that it's a biased opinion. So people break off the silence by either small talks, but won’t go on discussing politics as it's long tangled thread🧶.
Haha, yes I just confronted most of us, you are not alone on the ship yet I'm with you. I’ve heard the most bizarre things in this correlation from you shouldn't be talking about all this, you are just a kid you haven't seen the world. Politics is a dirty game, you don't know what all happens. Or one would hear out some unsolicited advice as well, “in sab cheezon mein mat pado” to “Rajneeti buri cheez hai” and the good old, “tumhe abhi kha hi pata in sab cheejon ke baare me”.
As rightly said by Mr Obama, It is a BIG MESS.
To have an opinion either biased or unbiased, favouring a particular party or a leader is all fine. But what about when people say, “ I don't make opinions on Politics, I am fine being Apolitical.
Well, I just laugh at this like this in my opinion the most bizarre thing and totally judge this set of people. I agree that Politics is a big black hole, and as you dive into there is a lot of information that can make one feel overwhelmed, but my dear friend (yes you are the one reading this) things get interesting ahead, as all of this politics govern each one of our lives.
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Can one choose to be Apolitical? when every action and choice which we make or take has economic and political consequences as it’s an interlinked chain. (I’ll explain it 😉) Confused, about how? ➡️
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In the reality of life, it is always in the grey. Nothing is black and white!
Let’s start.
What is Apolitical?
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When an individual is neutral about the actions of the government while being and living in a democratic upfront, where voting is a right to all (Adults of course).
And you better be aware🤷🏻‍♀️, it’s still a right, which needs to be accessed. If you still bother to say, ahh it’s a mess. Just to remind you still gotta pay taxes. Dude 😛
Yes despite you not taking a stand on, or having informed about the doing of government but all its actions from the policies to drafts are dependent on inflation and eventually, on overall stuff.
So how does “having no political bias” work? It doesn’t. Harsh truth but reality.

Apolitical = Class Privilege

You are just using your privilege as a defence against the truth.
And if you still, wanna say I’m fine being Apolitical. And you choose to look away, after being called out as you can afford to do so because of your privilege, everyone cannot.
Mind that, privilege isn’t bad, but neglecting its effect of existing class and cast structure in the country, where some un-empathetic leaders even call out some section of people as second class citizens. It creates pure agony.
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Politics is everywhere, with no clear definition.
Apolitical people think in a democracy, being an active citizen is about casting votes every 5 years or Being a political person, means you have one firm ideology.
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Bruh! Politics is much more.
Politics influence from the food you eat, to your safety, the fuel in your vehicle or don’t forget the road traffic and sales which make you excited, the education you receive and even your money, to your taxes, whatnot. Even what newspaper you read, every little decision adds up to one big political choice.
It’s in hands of the government, how things function. We elect representatives, who function in the parliament, to draft & mend policies, and we being citizens follow these, to make the nation work. So with our every step, we are taking a stand on state policies
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Being Political is not easy.

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As said earlier, everything thing is interlinked. Politics governs things, it impacts all, individuals in every perspective from economic, financial, physical and mental.
Also, in the current state where there is x number of ways to get influenced and how one perceives the information provided. And oh gosh! wait, What about the reliability of it.
Yes, you guessed it right, I’m pointing towards fake news. It is so prevalently seen in our surroundings from the mornings, to begin with, Whatsapp forwards, to biased newspapers or the filled with advertisements more than the real news and end with 5 random guests shouting at each other on primetime TV with no or so less knowledge on the specific topic to debate on. it can feel exhausting, and easier to give up.
Taking a stand can lead to being isolated, or being attacked, online and offline.
But the good news is, every time you speak up against someone, you’re raising your voice for another who may not have the freedom to raise theirs. Being political is a choice, not showing up at every dharna, or taking sides in every Twitter war.
It’s just about educating yourself, showing up for a cause you believe in, amplifying an important petition, or calling out a problematic relative.
There’s no list of rules to follow, and you may not be able to do it every day.
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But by being aware of what’s happening and making decisions to the best of our abilities, we can make a difference. Because when we choose to look away, we’re directly adding to the oppression of marginalised communities - often women and children.
So, embrace being political without fear, and with your head held high.
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In the end, You can choose to say this. And all I’d say is we all have to be Political.
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